This is the book launch site for my upcoming book - Survival First: The Rebel Entrepreneur’s Guide to Risk, Riches and Immortality

Entrepreneurship can be hell.

Most quit, scarred by financial ruin, emotional trauma and broken dreams. So how do we defy the odds and win this great bet on ourselves?

In Dante’s Renaissance-sparking Divine Comedy, Virgil guides the hero Dante through the many layers of Hell to reach paradise. Entrepreneurs, too, walk through a hellscape of risk so they may create wealth, freedom and meaning. Survival First ushers in a new Renaissance by guiding modern Dantes through this hellscape. 

Survival First humanizes risk by discarding academic jargon and complex formulas for simple logic, emotional realism and the stories of ordinary entrepreneurs. Readers learn how to not merely confront risk but dance with it. Inside is the radical-yet-practical RDEE RISK formula—an eternally applicable framework for avoiding ruin and unlocking riches.  

Risk. Uncertainty. Riches. These are the elements of survival. Of creation. Of immortality.

Dare to seek paradise? Come walk with me. 

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Excerpts, behind the scenes, and editing room scraps of the upcoming book Survival First - The Rebel Entrepreneur's Guide to Risk, Riches and Immortality.


Alexander Concepcion

I'm an entrepreneur, traveler, and writer living in Austin Texas